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1950’s - 1990’s
In 1952, Liuzhou Machine Knives Factory was founded and gradually developed into the second largest production base of machine knives in the country.

With decades of production and operation, it had cultivated talents and heritage for Liuzhou's machine knife industry, and also won the market. Its export started in the mid-1990’s.
China's accession to the WTO opened the door to a broader international market. In the new market environment, Lian United Knives (LUK) was formally established in 2003.

Many engineers and technicians joined LUK after Liuzhou Machine Knives Factory was restructured, continue to engage in the knife making they love. The spirit, experience and craftsmanship have been inherited. And new modern management methods have been introduced. The combination has become the gene of LUK, which continues to develop with the advancement of the times.
2003 - 2015
To fulfill the needs of customers in different industries, LUK continues to expand its product categories. While participating more deeply in international competition, LUK has also established the goal of becoming a world-class knife manufacturer.

Based on traditional craftsmanship, LUK constantly learns advanced technology and management methods, introduces new equipment, and continuously improves its manufacturing and quality management capabilities through bit by bit accumulation.
Since 2015
Fast Growth
The team grew and the equipment increased. In 2015, LUK moved into the new facility in Hexi Industrial Zone. A new chapter of fast growth has been started since then. The persistent pursuit of higher quality has allowed LUK to be recognized by more and more customers.

Although the global economy encountered unprecedented challenges in the past few years, LUK team has united and worked together, and achieved impressive growth.
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