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Arthur Pan
General Manager

* Co-founder of LUK Knives

* 35 years experience in machine knife industry

Jinni Chen
Vice General Manager

* Co-founder of LUK Knives

Xu Jianming
Management Representative
* State Certified External System Auditor
Li Weiping
Senior Material Engineer

* State Certified Senior Engineer

* 40 years experience in steel production and R&D

Huang Yiqiang
Chief Engineer
* 35 years in machinery manufacture and machining industry
Lan Bin
Factory Manager
Deng Xiaoqiang
Heat Treatment Engineer
* 40 years experience in heat treatment process
Zeng Guiming
Quality Supervisor
* Certified Metrology Engineer for 20 years
Deng Pingwei
Director of Production
Qin Peijun
Workshop Supervisor
Barry Zhu
Manager of Sales Dept.
* 20 years in international business
Tang Xiaohong
Financial Controller
Zhang Yu
IT Supervisor
Sales Department
Roy Ou
Marketing Manager
Brandy He
Senior Sales
Evaly Qin
Senior Sales
Lily Mao
Senior Sales
Andy Pan
Senior Sales
Clover Xu
Sales Rep.
Shirley Tang
Logistics Specialist
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