June 24 / 2024

New Multi-language Website Pages Now Live

Company Website Launches in Ten Languages, Enhancing Global User Experience
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LUK Knives is proud to announce the launch of a new multilingual feature on our official website. This initiative aims to provide our international users with a more convenient and personalized service experience.

You can now browse and interact with our website in your preferred language, including:

中文,English, Deutsch, Français,Italiano,Español,Русский,Português,Magyar,Polski,Türkçe,العربية,Nederlands.

LUK Knives has always been committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our global users. This new feature is part of our ongoing development efforts. We believe that by offering multilingual support, we can better meet the needs of users from different regions and cultural backgrounds, fostering cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

Visit www.luk-knife.com to experience the new multilingual interface and discover more about our offerings.


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